Finding employment

Like many immigrants, Salwa Alloush moved to Canada searching for greener pastures, only to find that her degree was not recognized here. The fact that she had worked as a deputy director of administration and finance in her home country of Jordan meant little to Canadian employers.

“Once I started looking for work, I realized that neither my previous academic achievements, nor my long years of experience as a manager were of any help. I approached different organizations, and all I got was that I lacked ‘Canadian experience’ or had no ‘Canadian education’” says Alloush.

Breaking down barriers

“I decided to pursue a continuing education program because I saw the need in adding Canadian education to my resume. I felt that I could overcome one of the obstacles that stood in front of me and eventually get a job that I deserved” says Alloush.

But as a single parent of two young children, full-time education was simply out of the question.

“Being the sole breadwinner in the family, I needed to have the flexibility to work and study. I had to look for something that I could do in the evening as well as online” says Alloush.

Becoming a student

Alloush enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management program at Seneca College in 2014. The program, which is offered both on campus and online, provided the perfect balance of work and life.

“The in-class courses allowed me to interact with the instructor and students. I made lots of friends and enjoyed listening to people’s opinions and experiences. The online courses, on the other hand, provided me with a lot of flexibility in the preparation time, spared me the commute and allowed me to start at different times than the actual semester,” says Alloush.

“I decided to pursue a continuing education program because I saw the need in adding Canadian education to my resume.”

“I gained connections, knowledge and confidence from the program. I made lots of connections among the instructors who have helped direct my job search and future career plans as well academic achievements” she says.

Today and tomorrow

Since completing the program in 2014, Alloush has successfully found full-time employment in a job she enjoys.  Alloush says, “I learned a lot of things. But what I learned most is that there is no limit to one’s ability to adapt and change. I learned so much that I am now looking to enroll in a new program!”