One approach that has shown a great deal of promise for developing confidence in young women is the unique experience offered by an all-girls school education. Single-sex classrooms provide a supportive educational environment where girls can truly flourish, allowing them the opportunity to freely share their thoughts and explore traditionally male-dominated subject areas,  such as STEM.

Tiffany Wong is one example of an all-girls school graduate with a successful career in the STEM industry. When she first started at Havergal College in North Toronto, Wong says she was intimidated by subjects like engineering and physics, but the combination of smaller class sizes, supportive teachers and opportunities to practice such subjects both inside and outside the classroom helped spark her interest and allowed her to quickly excel. Today, she has a fulfilling job as a Senior Environmental Specialist for the Government of Canada.

“As a student,  I was motivated to pursue excellence, invited to explore opportunities and stay challenged. This environment helped me foster confidence,  leadership skills  and independent thinking at a young age.  I attribute my current success to these very traits,  which I continue to carry with me every day,” says Wong.

For parents who are exploring independent schools for their daughter, Havergal College is just one of the many all-girls schools in Toronto that offer an ideal,  enriching learning environment.