Allen Kwan
Director, Product Development at Northwest & Ethical Investments (NEI),
Global Professional LLM Graduate

Erin Davis
CHFI Morning Host/TV Host/MC and Keynote Speaker,
Loyalist College Graduate

Tabetha Gormley
Accounting Executive,
MDE Graduate

Question: What is your current position?

Allen Kwan: I am the Director of Product Management and Development at NEI Investments, a Canadian mutual fund manufacturer with approximately $5 billion in assets under management (AUM).

Erin Davis: Morning Show Host at Toronto’s top rated radio station, 98.1 CHFI.  I have held this position for 23 of the past 25 years.

Tabetha Gormley: I am currently in a position that allows me to execute two different skills that I developed throughout my schooling—both sales, as well as accounting. The company that I have the privilege to work for sells a local favorite all around the world—lobster!

Question: What do you enjoy most about your career and position?

AK: The wealth management industry is constantly evolving amid ever-changing capital markets and the diverse needs of Canadian investors. This creates interesting challenges but also exciting opportunities for product managers to contemplate and to develop innovative and timely investment solutions.

ED: Every day before the sun comes up, I get to work with a group of exceptionally funny and smart individuals who also happen to be my best friends.  We have been fortunate enough to have the support of both listeners and management at CHFI, and have enjoyed a great degree of fulfillment and success.

TG: Every day is different! I find that from my jobs in the past the thing that truly damages a workplace is repetition. Working in a career where each day I speak to someone different from all over the world is truly rewarding and makes me fully enjoy what I do.

Question: How was education able to develop a specific skill set for you to attain and master your career?

AK: My postgraduate education has equipped me with the knowledge needed to confidently speak to and address the complex strategic, legal and regulatory issues in today’s global business environment. The training has enhanced my credibility as an investment professional and inspired me to embrace opportunities to take on leadership roles.

ED: Before attending community college, I wasn’t what you would call an excellent student.  But once I’d discovered what I wanted to do, and a program that could give me the tools and hands-on experience to let me explore radio, I felt like I’d been freed to run my race. And I’m still running!

TG: I have learned numerous different skills while on the job; however, my degree and education truly gave me the foundation I needed to kickstart my accounting skills. Without my education there is no way I would have the current position I have and the skills, which allow me to succeed in it.

Question: From your experience how can continuing education help individuals unhappy with their current position? 

AK: In today’s competitive job market, knowledge is the currency of opportunity, so education can be a difference maker. For those seeking new sources of professional inspiration, continuing education remains the best way to generate ideas, develop additional skills and bring potential new career options into focus.

ED: There’s a saying that the only difference between a rut and a grave is the dimensions.  If learning new skills can help lift you out of that rut and start on a path towards dream fulfillment—a path like mine— you’ll be amazed at the doors that could open for you.  With interest and a willingness to learn, education truly is the key to opportunities you may not even have dreamed existed. 

TG: You can finally be in a position that makes you happy and have the ability to make more money. I am a single mother, I completed a course and have a new career, where I am very happy. If I can do it, anyone can do it.