If you’ve dreamed of making your own creepy creatures, the ground-breaking programs at CMU College of Makeup Art & Design in Toronto may be your ticket to success in the rapidly growing field of film, television, video gaming production and virtual reality.

CMU has been a global leader in makeup and special effects for 30 years and is one of just a handful of such schools worldwide. The school’s instructors have worked on TV and Hollywood blockbusters, and have received accolades and awards in the fashion and performing arts industries. A recent survey of 900 CMU graduates from 2000-2016 indicated that 77 percent are currently working as Makeup Artists. 

CMU’s one-year, full-time Double Diploma Program combines two marketable skills: makeup artistry, and creature & character design. Students will learn to develop their makeup expertise for work in fashion, theatre, film, and television. They will then move on to conceptualize and create characters by understanding human and non-human anatomy through Photoshop, life drawing and figurative sculpting classes. Additionally, students will create prosthetics by sculpting, casting, moulding, and painting silicone and resin. Students will learn 3D scanning and printing, and how to use the digital sculpting tool, ZBrush.

For more details, visit cmucollege.com  or call (416) 968-6739 to arrange a free tour. Your inner creature awaits.