While Alberta has truly been blessed with an abundance of resources like oil and gas, our stature as a leading energy producer and an economic force is based on the hard work and ingenuity of Albertans, and of the sound economic and fiscal policy of government.

These are traits that attract newcomers, drive investment, and elevate our quality of life in every corner of the province. They are what keep Alberta growing.

"Despite any challenges it may face, our energy sector is tough, resilient, and innovative."

Reaping benefits from hard work

And the Alberta government is focused on ensuring our natural resources continue to reap economic and social benefits for Albertans and for Canadians from coast to coast.

We are committed to maximizing the value of these resources by getting them to new markets overseas and supporting the production of higher value energy products here in Alberta.

Our market access agenda includes supporting the development of more pipeline infrastructure to tidewater. We will also continue to build partnerships across Canada to gain support for expanded export and transportation capacity — whether by truck, pipeline or rail.

As we continue to develop our resources, we must also continue to improve how we protect the environment. As the Premier has often said, if Alberta is in the energy business, we must also be in the environment business.

Alberta has some of the most stringent regulations and innovative monitoring programs to ensure our air, land, and water remain protected. But we must build on the leadership that made us the first jurisdiction in North America to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, and among the first to put a price on carbon. We will ensure that Alberta industry remains competitive, and we will meet the challenge of demonstrating real environmental leadership through meaningful action.

Despite any challenges it may face, our energy sector is tough, resilient, and innovative. That is why it has grown steadily over the past century into the world-leading industry it is today.

Supporting the industry

Our government will work hard to support this industry and maintain a positive climate that encourages investment in Alberta’s natural resources and its people.

We are training more apprentices, helping under-represented Albertans find work and attracting skilled workers Canadians from around the country. And we are continuing to work closely with First Nations and Métis communities to build economic partnerships founded on sound environmental principles and responsible development.

Alberta continues to be the best place in Canada to work, invest, and raise a family. We are truly blessed with a wealth of resources, but the real key to our prosperity is Albertans themselves — who create the conditions for their own success.