Trained acupuncturists have an understanding of the body that allows them to help patients manage and relieve pain through traditional Chinese medicine.

For thousands of years acupuncturists have used thin needles on targeted parts of the body to treat pain. As Canadians increasingly adopt holistic and natural remedies to improve their health, the demand for acupuncture alongside along western medicine increases.

A diploma in acupuncture prepares students to meet professional standards of practice. Acupuncture students undertake 2,000 hours worth of educational and practical training over three years. Following their studies, acupuncturists write a national certification exam.

Acupuncture is a great career path for people who are passionate about wellness and helping others, but are also looking for flexibility. Acupuncturists keep their own schedules and set their own rates. Experienced acupuncturists can charge over $100.00 per one-hour treatment. Some practitioners specialize only in acupuncture, while others increase their earning power by offering multiple holistic practices to clients.