Professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, architects, artists, and engineers, need to chart their own career path more than ever by thinking entrepreneurially. Futurpreneur Canada Entrepreneur-in-Residence Dominik Loncar shares three reasons an entrepreneur mindset will help specialized professionals succeed:

1. You are your brand

Entrepreneurs spend a lot of time developing their brand in order to entice customer engagement and develop loyalty. As a professional, your reputation is critical to your brand. Using the same tools entrepreneurs use when developing and marketing a brand will help expand on your reputation and allow your services to stand out.

2. Successful entrepreneurs have a niche and maintain connections

Entrepreneurs know the importance of being specific in their value, and leveraging that value when networking. As a professional, get specific in your niche and how it serves your client. If you specialize in tax law, ensure it is clear in all of your marketing materials, alongside why potential clients need you and you specifically. Once you’ve brought in that client, focus on developing deep client relationships to ensure your client then stays with you.

3. Know your cash flow

To keep their business running, entrepreneurs need to know where the money is coming from and where it’s going. Staying on top of your cash flow will help reduce any financial surprises that may come your way.

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