If you want to land that perfect job or advance your current career, you might want to consider continuing education. And by tapping into the latest technology, it’s easier to accomplish than you might think.

“We want people to succeed in their careers, and we know that not everyone can commit to a full year or more of study,” says Debbie Johnston, Dean of the School of Continuing Education at Oshawa’s Durham College. “We offer the convenience of classroom and online learning that fits with different schedules.”

Johnston adds that more of the college’s courses are being offered remotely, so you don’t need to live near the school. For example, the new Medical Cannabis Fundamentals for Business Professionals course is offered in the college’s Global Class, with a camera-equipped computer, so students can take the class online at the same time it’s offered in the classroom. “The response has been positive,” says Johnston. “We are seeing interest in our medical cannabis course from different parts of Ontario, other provinces, and even the U.S. People can now access learning that they wouldn’t previously have been able to.”

Making education relevant

The two-day medical cannabis course is a great example of how Durham College works with the business community to develop programs that are relevant and will make people more employable. “Licensed cannabis producers told us they're looking for employees who have a strong set of core business skills, but also knowledge of the industry, and so we developed our course with that in mind,” says Johnston. “We're able to give people an advantage when they apply for jobs.”

Sharing your education success with prospective employers is even easier, as Durham College is one of the first in Ontario to use badging— an electronic credentialing system that can be attached to social media profiles, such as LinkedIn.

“We want people to stand out and advance their careers,” says Johnston. “That’s why we strive to make it easier for people to take our courses.”