Education is an investment in yourself

That’s a phrase often heard but what does it really mean? In Alberta it can sometimes seem like there is a job available just around every corner and help wanted signs can sprout like prairie gophers. But take a closer look and it becomes apparent that the path to success in Alberta winds through a post-secondary education.

The opportunities are endless

This can take many forms such as a career-specific diploma or certificate at a college level, a trades education at a technical institute, a four-year university degree or an advanced graduate degree. In Alberta, there are 26-publically funded post-secondary institutions offering a wide range of options in the Campus Alberta system. Whether it’s welding, becoming a health-care aid or studying to become a teacher or engineer, there is a program for all interests. 

"Accessing the education you want has never been easier."

Alberta needs educated people more than ever. According to the government’s recently released 10-year labour forecast,  Alberta faces a shortage of roughly 96,000 workers by 2023. It’s estimated that 63 per cent of all new jobs will require post-secondary education. 

Innovations in education: the future of learning. Video credit: GOOD

The earnings are significant

Education is also a path to increased earnings over a lifetime. On average, someone with a post-secondary certificate or diploma can earn $5.63 more an hour than a high school graduate. A university bachelor’s degree graduate can earn $4.79 more an hour than a certificate or diploma graduate; and those with a graduate degree earn an average $4.20 more an hour than a bachelor’s degree graduate.

Accessing the education you want has never been easier. There are more and more online and distance learning options available for students.  eCampusAlberta is an online agency funded by the Government of Alberta that partners with 19 institutions to offer more than 900 online courses and more than 70 certificate, diploma and degree programs. 

The support is available

If finances are a concern for anyone, Alberta has a comprehensive student aid system. To make it easier for Albertans to get the funding they need to pursue their education, the government has made significant improvements to Student Aid Alberta loans and grants. The government has streamlined processes, relaxed eligibility requirements, and created grants to encourage students to complete their studies. Whatever path you want to pursue in life, enrolling in post-secondary education is an investment worth making.