When Jeny Benedict moved to Canada, she knew her first step would be to learn English but she wasn’t sure what would come next. In 2007, she accompanied a friend to George Brown College and picked up a Continuing Education brochure.

“I started reading it, and there was a testimonial that sounded like my story,” Benedict says. “I thought, ‘If they did it, why can’t I?’”  She decided to take George Brown’s Medical Office Studies Certificate program and now works as the office manager at a medical practice in Brampton, Ontario.

When asked to provide guidance for other immigrants, Benedict notes the importance of recognizing that going back to school can be exciting, yet stressful, especially when everything is new. “Believe in yourself,” she advises. “You are not less smart or hard-working than anyone else. Find your own path—George Brown is well organized to help you.”

Dreams for the future

Benedict is now back at the college, working toward the Medical Practice Management Certificate, and there’s even more learning to come.

“I have my eye on the Health Services Management program,” she says. “Eventually I’d like to spread my wings as a departmental manager at a large hospital.”

She finds that the college’s School of Continuing Education provides enough flexibility to balance work, school, and family. And for this new Canadian, the benefits outweigh the busy lifestyle. “It keeps me young,” Benedict affirms. “The ability to learn is a gift, but wanting to learn is a choice. I made a choice to use my gift.”

For more information on George Brown College’s Continuing Education courses and programs, visit coned.georgebrown.ca.