Keeping pace with such complexity and change is managed by continuous learning throughout our lives.  Lifelong learning is essential for career success, and for developing our ability to understand the world and relate to other people.  

It’s convenient

Across Canada, the majority of universities and colleges provide opportunities for people to engage in lifelong learning through continuing education activities.

Providing the greatest link between post-secondary institutions and the community at large, continuing education affords individuals the opportunity to directly participate in the academic life of the university or college.  From professional development to personal enrichment, continuing education presents ever-changing options and opportunities to support the learner.  Tailored for convenient delivery with innovative formats to support working individuals, students can take advantage of daytime, evening or weekend courses. They can also take a course online or engage in a blended course which combines the best of classroom instruction with online technologies.  With a host of delivery options available, continuing education can accommodate the schedule of almost any individual or group. 

It supports your key priorities  

Serving thousands of individuals from all walks of life, the breadth of continuing education opportunities continues to grow, as do participation rates.  Our highly educated society has come to recognize that learning and educational upgrading are lifelong pursuits as we never stop learning or wanting to learn.  It has become common knowledge that post-secondary education provides an advantage to job-applicants who wish to land their dream job.  Employers look for individuals that are well-rounded, adaptable, and have the right combination of communication skills and technical competencies.  Job applicants that demonstrate engagement in educational pursuits, or have recently attained credentials, often have greater success.  

"Post-secondary education provides an advantage to job-applicants who wish to land their dream job."

It’s responsive

Meeting the needs of individuals and organizations with timely and relevant programs of study is the hallmark of continuing education.  Customized training is always possible with experienced educators available to help you transform your business into a learning organization.   From arts and culture to business, science and technology, continuing education adapts to social and economic trends so our courses and programs are current, engaging and relevant.   Many continuing education instructors work directly in the industry, bringing their experience directly into the classroom with real-life examples from which they draw.  Changing demographics indicate record numbers of individuals will be retiring in the next decade.  This is driving forecast demand for professional upgrading to accommodate those who wish to remain in the workforce, as well as personal enrichment for those with a desire to remain active and informed. 

Canadian post-secondary institutions provide many opportunities to engage in both personal and professional education, delivered at convenient times and in flexible environments, with timely topics, taught by leading professionals and academics.  I encourage you to explore the opportunities continuing education provides…you will not be disappointed!