If you’re looking for a job that taps into the potential of an expanding global economy and the growth of e-retail, then a career in supply chain management (SCM) may be the perfect fit.
Kelly Duffin, the President and the CEO of Supply Chain Management Association Ontario (SCMAO), discusses three main reasons why SCM is such an exciting profession.

1. Leadership potential

Those who work in supply chain management oversee the smooth flow of goods and services from suppliers to consumers. The businesses that dominate are those that can reliably and quickly get the most goods to the most consumers.

“The companies who understand that supply management can be used strategically are the leaders in the field,” says Duffin. “Look at a Walmart and Amazon. Their lead is largely on the strength of their supply chain. The CEOs of Apple and General Motors were former supply chain leaders. C-suite leaders are often drawn from the supply-chain space.”

2. It’s a growth industry with limitless opportunity

Whether or not you aspire to be a CEO, key considerations for any professional path include long-term job security and an ongoing demand for your skill set.

“The profession is really developing, and there are so many areas to work in because of the global nature of the supply chain. There’s procuring, transporting, manufacturing, storing, and working with customers and suppliers from around the world in ever-evolving ways,” says Duffin.

3. It’s never boring

“Drone technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence — technology is definitely impacting supply chain,” says Duffin. “People who like variety, challenge, and exposure to different people and parts of a business will find supply chain a very invigorating profession.”